In the spotlight

Our current “Member in the spotlight”  is:

SARAH PELL who has been a member of LAOS since 2018 when she joined for The Producers.

Voice – Alto

Favourite show – The Producers.

Funniest moment – The slow/mo freeze at the back of the stage during Saturday night in the City, when the crew were playing ‘bouncers’. For some reason everyone got the giggles each night.

Worst Costume = The fat suit during Casualty of Love in the Wedding Singer.


Our previous spotlight members…..

ADRIAN DOBSON has been a member of LAOS since 2009 when he joined for The Likes Of Us.

Voice – Tenor.

Favourite Show – Chess because he got to play the Russian which was his dream part. This is closely followed by Half a Sixpence which was so much fun.

Funniest Moment – When a fellow cast member trumped on stage during Back to the 80s.

Worst Costume – The Dogette costume in Best Little Whorehouse.

ADRIAN GREASELY has been with LAOS since 1993 when he joined for Kismet.

Voice – Baritone.

Favourite show – My Fair Lady.

Funniest moment – Dropping his dance partner during Disco Inferno, they carried on once they had picked each other up!

Worst Costume – He has worn a fair few terrible costumes since 1993 so it would be too hard to single one out!

ALISON MATTHEWS has been a member of LAOS since 2012.

Voice – Soprano

Favourite Show – Half a Sixpence

Funniest Moment – Missing the cue and having to sneak on stage for rains got to fall in Half a Sixpence.

Worst Costume – Blue dress and hat in Anything Goes

ALLISON CUNDELL has been with LAOS since 2013 when she joined us for Annie.

Voice – Soprano.

Favourite show – Aida.

Funniest moment – Strolling across the stage in Anything Goes with a yellow duster stuck to her heel.

Worst costume ever – My Sweet charity costumes.

ANDY MARMOY has been a member of LAOS since 2004 when he joined for Half A Sixpence.

Voice – Tenor.

Favourite Show – Its a tie between Pirates of Penzance and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.

Funniest moment – Any time anyone trumps on stage.

Worst costume – Andy claims hes never had a bad costume as he takes pride in being the most ridiculous looking person on stage! The auctioneer in The Likes Of Us was pretty excessive though,

CAMERON SIM joined LAOS in 2018 for Made in Dagenham

Voice – Baritone

Favourite Show – The Producers!

Funniest Moment – Far too many to count

Worst Costume – Havana ruffles in Guys & Dolls


CASSIE BRIGGS joined LAOS in 2012 for The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas!

Voice – Alto.

Favourite Show – Anything Goes.

Funniest moment – When she fell on her bottom during Anything Goes.

Worst costume – The robe she wore for Aida.

CLARE PROCTOR joined LAOS in 2007 for The King and I.

Voice – Soprano.

Favourite Show -Anything Goes when she played Mrs Harcourt.

Funniest Moment – When another cast member ‘passed wind’ very loudly at the start of a long freeze during Back to the 80’s. We were all in pain trying to stifle giggles for so long.

Worst Costume – The Pirates of Penzance bathing suits.

DAVID BURTON joined LAOS in 2011 for Jesus Christ Superstar!

Voice – Tenor/Baritone

Favourite show – JCS

Funniest moment on stage – Ad libbing like mad as the Pirate King in Pirates of Penzance

Worst Costume -Fake tanning for Aida closely followed by the ‘deerstalker’ in Anything Goes.

DEBBIE PETTIT has been a member of LAOS since 2006 when she joined for Flower Drum Song.

Voice – Mezzo Soprano

Favourite Show -Oliver! when she played Nancy!

Funniest Moment – ET Christmas decoration in Calendar Girls.

Worst Costume – The silver number in Disco Inferno because it looked like a lampshade.

GEMMA BAXTER joined LAOS in 2007 when she joined for Disco Inferno and played the part of Kathy.

Voice – Alto

Favourite Show – Aida

Funniest Moment –  every ending position she had in Half a Sixpence, She ended up on Ian’s knee “if in doubt sit on Ian’s knee”

Worst Costume – everything she wore in Pirates of Penzance

IAN DEAN joined LAOS for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers – 2003
And then returned for Disco Inferno in 2007 and then returned in 2014 for Oliver and stayed.

Favourite show…Sixpence was amazing! Not only did Ian have great little character role, He loved the fact that he had so much support from the society when he took over from Jeanette as choreographer!

Funniest moment… Only just made it on stage to start a dance but missed the introduction!

Worst costume – Ian thinks he’s been lucky with costumes…

JOANNA HAYES has been with LAOS since 2014 when she joined for Oliver!

Voice – Joanna is lucky enough to range from alto to top soprano.

Favourite show – Her favourite Laos show was Half A Sixpence for the joy of being on stage, with her theatre family, loving the whole feel of the piece 😀

Funniest moment – Being very close to going on stage in Sweet Charity as a ‘hostess’ whilst still wearing her Rhythm of Life knee pads!! Would have looked very, very dodgy!

Worst costume ever – Jitterbug all in one spandex in The Wizard of Oz. She shudders just thinking of it!!

JOHN SMITH joined LAOS in 2014

Voice – Baritone.

Favourite Show – Oliver!

Funniest Moment – When he called another member Panthinkaikos (a Greek football team) when he meant to call her Penthiselia ( a Greek goddess!)

Worst Costume – John feels he has been fortunate so far!

JOSH HILL joined LAOS in 2013 for AIDA.

Voice – Tenor/Baritone

Favourite show – Little Shop of Horrors

Funniest moment – When he tripped over walking onto the stage in a blackout and the cast on stage noticed,  so when the lights came up for the scene they were all trying not to burst out laughing

Worst costume – His 60’s hippy flowery top during ‘rhythm of life’ in sweet charity

JULIE RODWELL joined LAOS for Merry Widow in 1982!

Voice – Alto

Favourite Show – Chess

Funniest Moment – Watching Sue Connelly’s tartan slippers walking across the stage in The King and I.

Worst Costume – The Chop suey box in The flower Drum Song!

KEVIN CLARKE has been a member of LAOS since 2009 when he joined us for The Likes of Us.

Voice – Bass Baritone.

Favourite show – Made in Dagenham

Funniest on stage moment –Tammy farting at the end of back to the 80s while he was trying to summarise/ narrate the show.

Worst costume – the lion head costume in Chess!


KIRSTIE LOUISE joined LAOS in 1997 for My Fair Lady

Voice – Alto or Second Soprano

Favourite Show – Aida and Made in Dagenham

Funniest Moment -Completing a race on stage in Underneath the Arches whilst dressed as a horse.

Worst Costume – Wearing a Chop Suey box in Flower Drum Song.

LAURA WOOLLEY joined LAOS in 2015 for West Side Story

Voice – Alto

Favourite Show – Little Shop of Horrors!

Funniest Moment – A dead pigeon falling on my head during Made in Dagenham!

Worst Costume – The granny dresses in The Producers!

LINDA ADLAM Joined LAOS in 2013 for Anything Goes.

Voice – Alto

Favourite Show – Aida

Funniest Moment – Getting pushed in the coffin and having water thrown at her every night in Oliver

Worst Costume – The “Humbug” dress in Half a Sixpence – eughh!

MATT LEESON joined LAOS in 2005 for West Side Story

Voice – Tenor / Baritone

Favourite Show – Without question, it has to be The Producers. Rehearsals were great and the performance itself was hilarious and fun.

Funniest Moment – Playing Franz in The Producers. Such a crazy character and fun to play.

Worst Costume – Mrs Luce costume in Little Shop of Horrors, those tights were super uncomfortable!

MEL SWIFT joined LAOS in 2017 for Rock of Ages!

Voice – Soprano

Favourite show – Rock of Ages!

Funniest moment – Seeing everyone for the first time in their 80’s rock costumes as it was SO different to how we all normally look.

Worst costume – Bali Hi grass skirt and bra top with a very scruffy black wig.

NATALIE LITTLEWOOD has been a member of LAOS since 2005 when she joined for West Side Story.

Voice – Top Soprano.

Favourite show – The Phantom of the Opera. Playing Christine was something she will never forget. Closely followed by Made in Dagenham which was hilarious.

Funniest moment on stage – Having her costume come open in ‘Best Little Whorehouse’ whilst dancing with Natasha.

Worst Costume – Everything she had to wear in Flower Drum Song, especially the Windmill hat!

NICOLE RAY has been a member of LAOS since 2006 when she joined for Oliver!

Voice – Soprano / alto

Favourite Show – Half a Sixpence

Funniest moment – Nikita’s wig flying off in West Side Story “my last night as a blonde”

Worst Costume – The frug dress in Sweet Charity.

NIKITA COLLINGTON has been with LAOS since 2013 when she joined for Annie!

Voice – Metzo

Favourite show – Her favourite Laos show was Aida but she wasn’t performing in it, so Oliver! when she played the role of Charlotte.

Funniest moment-  Was when her wig fell off in West Side Story.

Worst costume – Was everything she wore in Half A Sixpence.

OLI HALFORD joined LAOS in 2014 for Oliver!

Voice – Tenor

Favourite Show – The Wedding Singer

Funniest Moment – During the costume run for The Sound of Music, trying to perform Sixteen, going on Seventeen in shoes that were very slippery and sliding around EVERYWHERE, as well as trousers that were too big, so mid dance the safety pin fell out and they fell down!

Worst Costume – School shorts partnered with knee high socks in Made in Dagenham!

RICHARD YORK joined LAOS in 2010 for My Fair Lady

Voice – Tenor

Favourite Show – Anything Goes

Funniest Moment – Has to be the bows after each performance of Little Shop Of Horrors, watching the front row of the audience each night as he came out in his Audrey 2 T-shirt, revealing he was the voice of the plant. The collective looks of disbelief were a picture he wont forget.

Worst Costume – Bert Healeys red striped blazer!

SAM TEBBATT joined LAOS in 2008 for The Producers

Voice – Baritone / Tenor

Favourite Show – The Producers

Funniest Moment – Dancing as a Rabi

Worst Costume – Mussolini in The Producers purely because he was wearing three costumes at once.

SOPHIE GUNDLE Joined LAOS in 2018 for Guys & Dolls.

Voice – Alto/ Soprana

Favourite Show – Guys & Dolls

Funniest Moment – Sliding across the floor like a penguin during rehearsals!

Worst Costume – The ‘Bushel and a Peck’ costume.


SUE REYNOLDS has been a member of LAOS since 1981!

Voice – Alto

Favourite Show – Can’t choose between Camelot & Aida!!

Funniest moment – When she hooked someone’s wig off with her parasol in Hello Dolly!!

Worst costume – A hideous glittery green dress in New Moon that made her look like a Christmas tree!!