The Sound Of Music is Cast!

Congratulations to everyone who auditioned, the standard as always was very high and you should all be proud of yourselves.

Below is the cast list for The Sound Of Music:



Maria – Sarah Hender

Captain Von Trapp– Jez Malpas

Mother Abbess – Kate King

Baroness Elsa – Alix Ashurst

Max– Cameron Sim


Frau Schmidt – Linda Adlam

Butler Franz -Richard York

Rolf – Oliver Halford

Zeller – David Burton

Von Schreiber – Adrian Dobson


Sister Sophia – Laura Woolley, Nun Berthe – Natalie Littlewood & Nun Margaretta – Nicole Ray

The Wedding Singer Review

Thank you to Carpe Diem Emmie for reviewing The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer

LAOS is a well-established theatre company from Loughborough. They started performing in 1895 and have performed an impressive amount of musicals; both classic and modern. Their latest production is The Wedding Singer; mostly known for the hit movie from 1998 which starred Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore.  It’s a musical full of fun, love and most importantly, 80’s vibes!
Time warp back to the year 1985, the year that was dominated by Madonna, Back to the Future, Super Mario Bros and where hair is big, greed was a good thing and the wedding singer was the coolest man in town. We follow Robbie (James Nelson), New Jersey’s favourite wedding singer. He’s the life of the party until his finance, Linda, leaves him at the altar. He allows his heartbreak to affect every wedding as disastrous as his own. He bumps into Julia (Erica Makin) and he falls madly in love with her. But it’s not that easy, she’s engaged to a Wall Street big shot named Glen (Cameron Sim).
LAOS has produced a production that delivers on an impressive standard and a fantastic night at the theatre.
Erica Makin is truly sublime as Julia and not only does she have a natural ability to portray the sweet, unassuming and caring character but she has west end qualities in how she delivers the vocals and more emotional numbers. I could feel how many eyes in the audience immediately took a liking to Makin and were with her throughout the entire production.
James Nelson too is impeccable as the leading man, Robbie. His traditional values for love ooze out from his performance, particularly in those moments when he needed to experience challenging moments for this character.
There was a heart stopping moment as we saw these two characters draw towards one another for Grow Old With You and it was one of the most gorgeous moments in theatre I have ever seen performed. I felt the emotion through every note of this number.
Collectively the entire cast of this production deliver a fantastic performance with well timed choreography (Jeanette Patrick – Cooper) and fill the spacious stage that Loughborough Town Hall has to offer. Some of my favourite numbers include Saturday Night in the CityIt’s Your Wedding Day because of their slick choreography and impressive vocals. The standard of the vocals is a credit to the hard work and commitment behind LAOS. It was an enjoyable production from the very beginning.
Sammy (Oliver Halford) and George (Jack Phillips) provide fantastic accompaniment to Robbie and have fantastic comedic timing. Holly is a very uninhibited and forward character and Gemma Landers does a marvelous job at portraying her feisty character. Her big musical number Saturday Night in the City really showed what a fantastic performer Landers is and I hope to see more from her.
The Wedding Singer is a fun musical with fantastic elements of humor, unforgettable musical numbers and a gorgeous love story at its heart. You will probably want to book Robbie and his band for your wedding day after enjoying the production.
Don’t miss LAOS perform The Wedding Singer at Loughborough Town Hall until 14 September. Make sure you head over to the website to book your tickets or to see what future productions they will be putting up! 

Launch Of Molly’s Gift

LAURA FLETCHER has been busy helping out on the launch day of ‘Molly’s Gift’ – a fundraising trust set up in memory of her close friend Molly Webb who sadly passed away in January aged 25. The launch was a huge success and managed to raise over £3,000 for the trust. Well done Laura!

Charity Solent Swim

GEMMA LANDERS, who plays Holly in THE WEDDING SINGER, braved the cold waters to swim across the Solent from Gosport to the Isle Of Wight – a distance of 2.79 miles in 1hr 50 mins for Aspire charity! Well done Gemma!

Love Is In The Air

Love has really been in the air this summer.

Congratulations to ALISON MATTHEWS who married her fiancé Andy in May in their beautiful home village of Long Clawson. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Savage!

Congratulations to SAMUEL TEBBATT who married his beautiful bride, Stephanie, in June! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Tebbatt!

And congratulations also to BECKY BAKEWELL who married her fiancé, Craig, at the lovely venue Abbots Oak in July. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Smith!

Change of Cast

Josh Hill was originally cast in the leading role of Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer. Unfortunately, following a nasty car accident he spent several weeks with his leg in a cast and was unable to continue with the part. However, that didn’t stop him from graduating from Nottingham Trent University and we also are delighted to report that he has recovered sufficiently to still join us on stage this week!

Rest In Peace Dear Friend

It is with much sadness that LAOS say goodbye to a loyal member and a supporter of ‘The Amateurs’. Jean Sharpe was a stalwart of the team that ensured the company was always fed and watered at rehearsal and also during show week. She retired from the role a few years ago but we all have fond memories of her, and her beloved husband Ted who graced the Loughborough stage for many years. Reunited now, rest in peace dear friend.

A True Gentleman

It is with a heavy heart that we mourn the passing of a long term LAOS supporter, George Moulton. Until very recently you would be greeted by George and his cheery disposition when arriving at the theatre. He was one of our dedicated and reliable ‘front of house’ volunteers and could always be depended on to be there come what may. A true gentleman, rest in peace George.

The Wedding Singer is CAST

And it’s cast! Well done to all involved in the Wedding Singer auditions, this show is going to be awesome!

Grab your tickets directly from us now  or straight from Loughborough Town Hall

The Cast :

Robbie Hart – James Nelson
Julia – Erica Makin
Holly – Gemma Landers
Sammy – Oliver Halford
George – Jack Phillips

Glen – Cameron Sim
Linda – Gemma Baxter
Rose – Alix Ashurst

Angie – Natalie Littlewood
Other Wedding Singer – Kevin Clarke
Clerk – Becky Bakewell
Ronald Reagan – Adrian Dobson
Billy Idol – John Hollingsworth
Bum – Matt Leeson

Table 9:
Adey Greasely, Debs Pettitt, Joanna Hayes, John Smith, Kirstie Bennett, Laura Fletcher, Liam Patrick, Natalie Littlewood, Nicole Ray, Samuel Tebbatt, Sarah Heptinsell, Sarah Hender and Rosie Morris.