Made In Dagenham – March 2018

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Director – Sally Bruton

Musical Director – Kate King

Choreographer – Lianne O Connor
Prepare to laugh and cry as you immerse yourself in 1960s’ working class life following the story of Rita O’Grady, working mother and eventually TUC spokeswoman, in this fast-paced musical based on real events from the Ford car plant in Dagenham. The women’s fight and consequent strike is the back drop for a struggle which is still making headlines today – equality in the workplace. Add to this the ebb and flow of married life, gender stereotyping, class differences and finely-drawn characterisation, and you have all the elements which make for a brilliant musical – you simply need the addition of a great musical score which has everything from fist-punching rally cries to heart-felt ballads with haunting harmonies.
Punchy dialogue and the sometimes foul-mouthed humour of the factory floor contrasts with the poignancy of the internal conflicts as the drama unfolds. Follow the story of the factory girls, their co-workers and the political battle-axes of the time, Harold Wilson and Barbara Castle, in this emotional roller coaster of a musical about love, friendship and standing up to be counted!

This show carries a PG guidance.

Rita O’Grady – Alix Ashurst

Eddie O’Grady – James Daw

Graham & Sharon O’Grady – Oliver Halford & Poppy Melton

Connie – Kirstie Bennett

Monty – Ian Dean

Harold Wilson – Kevin Clarke

Barbara Castle – Natalie Littlewood

3 Aides – Ollie Lewin, Liam Patrick & Josh Hill

Lisa Hopkins – Linda Adlam

Mr Hopkins – Adrian Greasley

Beryl – Debs Pettitt

Sandra – Paige Brierley

Clare – Nicole Ray

Cass – Sarah Wilson

Jo – Becky Bakewell

Tracey – Rosie Morris

Factory Girls – Gemma Baxter, Laura Woolley, Laura Fletcher and Naomi Giglio.

Sid – Cameron Sim

Bill – Chris Wilson

Stan – Mark Chinnery

Barry – Joe Harrison

Tooley – Richard York

Ron Macer & Mr Buckton – John Smith

Hubble – Andy Marmoy

Ensemble – Allison Cundell, Alison Matthews, Clare Proctor, Debby Newton, Joanna Hayes, Julie Rodwell, Len Dobson, Malcolm Nurcombe, Sean Hickling & Sue Reynolds.