Rock Of Ages – March 2017

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7th – 11th March 2017
Loughborough Town Hall
Tickets: Tuesday Evening & Saturday Matinee £14
Wednesday – Saturday Evening £15

Director: James Nelson

Musical Director: Peter Fines

Choreographer: Hannah Osgood

Set in 1987, Rock of Ages tells the story of Sherrie Christian who arrives in Los Angeles from her home in Oklahoma, hoping to make it as a singer. Sherrie lands a job as a waitress at the famous Bourbon Room (Rock Club) and this forms the backdrop for the majority of the show. A love story with a few twists and turns along the way, Rock of Ages is packed with well-known rock numbers such as “Final Countdown”, “More than Words”, “I Want to Know What Love Is”, “Here I Go Again”, “We Built This City” and “Don’t Stop Believin”. Rock of Ages is a show that will have people reminiscing about the 1980’s rock era and give audience members too young to remember, a glimpse of how the world rocked back then !!



Sherrie:   Cazz Lander
Drew:   Dale Collington
Lonny:   Chris Wilson
Dennis:   Richard York
Stacee Jaxx:   David Burton
Regina:   Lianne O’Connor
Hertz:   Mark Chinnery
Franz:   James Highton
Justice:   Natasha Bryan

Waitress #1:   Becky Bakewell
Ja’Keith:   Ollie Lewin
Joey Primo/On Stage Guitarist:   George Stackhouse
Sherrie’s Mother:   Natalie Littlewood
Sherrie’s Father:   John Smith
Mayor:   Adrian Dobson
Constance:   Nikita Collington
Producer #1:   Kev Clarke
Sleazy Record Producer:   Debbie Newton
Her PA:
Claudia Peach
Even Sleazier Producer:   Adrian Dobson
His PA:   Natalie Littlewood
Candi:  Ian Dean
Protester #2:   Natalie Littlewood
Protester #3:   Gemma Baxter
Strip Club DJ:   Adrian Greasley

Gemma Baxter, Cassie Briggs, Allison Cundell, Gemma Landers, Effie Langley-Evans and Mel Swift

Principal Dancers:
Linda Adlam, Becky Bakewell, Gemma Baxter, Cassie Briggs, Nikita Collington, Allison Cundell, Ian Dean, Adrian Greasely, Gemma Landers, Effie Langley-Evans, Ollie Lewin, and Mel Swift.

Protesters / Tourists / Construction Workers / People of LA
Kirstie Bennett, Joanna Hayes, Kate King, Claudia Peach, Debs Pettitt, Clare Proctor and Sue Reynolds.


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Loughborough Echo

Rock of Ages is a “brilliant show with a brilliant cast”

The musical left me, and I’m sure many others, singing 1980s rock songs all the way home.

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