Sweet Charity – 2015

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15-19th September 2015

Loughborough Town Hall
Tickets: £13-£15

Director: Martin Barker
Musical Director: Derek Hunter
Choreographer: Aimee Fardell

Sing, dance and love your way around New York in a glorious mix of colour and song as LAOS invite you into the world of Sweet Charity.

The story of a girl who desperately wants to find love and escape her seedy hostess life, Sweet Charity is a wonderful brew of amazing songs, amazing characters and some good old fashioned humanity. Meet Charity, Oscar, Vittorio, Ursula, Nickie, Helene, Herman and Daddy Brubeck in a glorious swirl of musical perfection. With songs like The Rhythm Of Life, Big Spender, If My Friends Could See Me Now, I’m A Brass Band and I Love To Cry at Weddings, it’s no wonder Sweet Charity was such a huge hit on Broadway and in the West End. Nominated for nine Tony Awards, it was also turned into a memorable film starring Shirley MacLaine.

Come with LAOS to the world of Sweet Charity at Loughborough Town Hall in September. Get your tickets now from the box office on 01509 231914.


Charity – Erica Makin
Oscar – Andy Marmoy
Nicky – Linda Adlam
Helene – Allison Cundell
Vidal – Adrian Dobson
Daddy – Mark Chinnery
Herman – Richard York
Vidal’s Man Servant – Matt Leeson
Ursula – Nikita Collington


Elliott Hill
Dale Collington
Adrian Greasley
Ian Dean
Josh Hill
Rowan Beaumont
Nicole Ray
Cazz Lander
Hannah Osgood
Cassie Briggs
Nikita Collington

Big Spender

Jeanette Patrick-Cooper
Joanna Hayes
Laura Wooley
Sarah Lorimer
Natalie Littlewood
Kirstie Bennet
Nicola Speight
Julie Rodwell